It's All in the Details


You're Engaged!

I'm SO excited to help you plan your perfect day!  My wedding inspiration began when I was a little girl, dreaming of walking down the aisle on my own perfect day.  An incurable romantic, with a love of turquoise, sunshine, candles, music, family and friends, I pride myself in attentiveness to the fine details - those things that MAKE the day your BEST DAY EVER.  It's what my company is founded on.  It's all in the details!

I want to build a relationship with you and your future spouse, know your love story, understand those special things that made you both fall in love - those are the things that are intricately woven into the detailed service I provide.  Collaboratively, we will infuse your style and vision into a reality that is you BEST DAY EVER!

Let the journey begin! 


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